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About Us and...

Reiki Healing, Akashic Records, Archangel Healing & Light Language


Our vision is raise consciousness one healing session at a time! We hope to inspire hope, love, passion, and greater healing of humanity and our planet through our sessions and healing art's. 



Our mission is to bring soul and energy healing to all who desire it. We live to make humanity happy and healthier using the powerful healing modalities of Reiki, Akashic Records & Archangel healing. 

About Reiki

Reiki is a powerful healing modality that has been awakened for all of humanity to heal themselves and others.

Reiki was reawakened in Japan by Dr. Usui. He desired for the world to be healed using Reiki's magical blessings of healing and being healed. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique for relaxation, healing, stress relief, and more. It promotes healing on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Reiki is love, and we all need all the love we can get.

The word Reiki meaning: rei "soul, spirit" and ki "vital energy

About Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the "worldwide web" of soul information, karma, and planetary events. 

Every person has an Akashic Record that holds the knowledge and wisdom of all their positive and negative actions, life times, soul gifts, and soul planet of birth.

Though the great wisdom of the Akashic Records we are now able to bring past life information forward to clear karmic blocks. By clearing karmic blocks we are able to step more fully into our lives and align to our soul gifts. 

The Akashic Records hold our soul blueprint for which MorningStarLight can channel a light language art piece that reflects the energy of your soul gifts to better assist you with aligning to your soul. 

How does Reiki help?

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, balances digestive system, calms the mind, clears the aura, helps anxiety, balances the charka system and more through gentle touch or distance healing. Reiki practitioners use their hands or symbols to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Stress can play a big part in overall health and wellbeing. Reiki can help calm and relax the whole body. This helps bring your body, mind and soul back to center. Which will allow you to tackle everyday stresses with a smile. MorningStarLight also has some very resourceful health suggestions to further your healing process.

How do the Akashic Records help?

When we are able to understand our soul gifts, soul planet of origination, soul mandala (soul blueprint), we are able to understand how our soul manifests. By understanding the gift that we truly are, we can align to our soul gifts and soul energy to better navigate our lives. Example: You are not happy with your marriage or your having troubles with your partner. By understanding your soul gifts and their soul gifts, you are able to work through life together more harmoniously and compassionately. 

Another example, lets say we are unhappy with our jobs and would like to make a change but we have no idea where to start. Understanding your soul's gifts can better help you navigate your changing path.

We can also use the Akashic Records to help bring healing into our physical bodies or even our financial problems. We do this by finding out if there are any past lives or ancestral karma blocking us from truly healing or being prosperous. Knowing our past life karma or our ancestral karma is truly a gift because we can clear this karma and align more fully to a more positive life.

The gifts and benefits the Akashic Records can do for our lives is endless. Our favorite gifts of working with the Akasha is spiritual enlightenment, clearing karma, and new gifts that have awakened within us to align to our spiritual path. 

Learning what gifts your soul's Akashic Record holds will benefit all area's of your life..... of course..... if that's what you would like. 

What do the Archangels help with?


The Archangels are like guides for our life. They support us emotional, physically and spiritually.

Though their healing gifts we can stand more fully on our journeys with confidence, love, grace and easy. We can be healed or heal others in ways humanity is now only just reawakening too. 

The Archangels provide us with higher vibrational bandwidths of healing. Kaylee MorningStarLight has awakened to the gifts of working with them to help heal people vibrationally. 

What is Light Language?

How does it help?

Light language is the language of the soul. It is used to channel the higher self or channel divine beings. It is spoken through the heart space (higher heart). It is higher vibrational frequency.

It can help with aligning your energy to a new frequency, assist with healing, and bring forward guided messages from higher divine realms. Light language carries multidimensional "codes" within it. These codes are light computer codes for a website. When the codes come together they create a "unification" of emotional and physical healing. 

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