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Abundance Activation for All 12 Chakras

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In this guided meditation you will be aligned to the energies of universal abundance for soul remembering, to benefit your manifestation gifts of greater abundance throughout your life, and it will activate your 12 soul chakras. When we are in full alignment with our soul, we are in trusted alignment with creation (manifestation) and abundance. This meditation is unique because it activates your 12th dimensional soul self. What are the 12 soul chakras? We all have 7 main chakras; root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, 3rd eye chakra and crown chakra. This activation adds in the "unspoken" chakras of the soul. These extra 5 chakras start at the soul star chakra (one foot above the crown) and go above that into the higher dimensional soul self, including where your soul's akashic record resides. It activates our multidimensional self, aka the soul self, for greater alignment to your soul's manifesting gifts.

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