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During this 45 minute on demand reading (audio recording only), we will tell you about your Spirit guide team and how to integrate their wisdom. You will learn who your spirit guides are, their soul gifts, where your guides are from, any messages they have for you, and how to better work with them on a daily bases. This reading will deepen your connection with your spirit guide team and intuition (aka your higher self). This reading also includes added higher self alignment to build more trust, wisdom, worth, and inner insight by having a greater connection to your higher self.


During your reading you will be guided through a higher self meditation to connect you even deeper with your intuition. This reading will help you feel more supported throughout every area of your life! Best of all, they are super fun to receive!


Why would you want this wisdom? Your spirit guides and your higher self are assisting you on your path everyday. Having this wisdom will assist you throughout your daily life, connect you deeper to your soul wisdom & it will bring in deeper trusted insight into your guidance. By understanding who your spirit guides are and how they guide you, it can help you align better to what you desire in life, such as where you want to go in life, bringing your dreams into reality, finding comfort within your life journey, feeling fully supported within your life, building trust within yourself and soul empowerment. You will receive empowerment keys and get direct manifesting assists from your guides and higher self with more grace and ease.


What happens during a reading:

You will receive a link or digital file to an audio recording (up to 45 minutes)

You will learn who your inner spirit guide team are and their soul energy.

Learn where your spirit guides are from.

Learn what your spirit guides look like, so fun!

Receive messages and guidance from your spirit guides to help you on your life journey.

Alignment to your intuition (higher self) via a mini meditation. Guided meditation will help you connect deeper with your higher self.


This is an on demand reading and you will only receive a recording. To have a session with us one-on-one over zoom go to to schedule your session.


Kaylee MorningStarLight usually conducts 1:1 Sessions/classes/on-demand readings between 10am-4pm, PST, Tuesday-Friday. I offer additional adjusted times for Australian clients, UK clients, South African clients, etc., please keep this in mind.


Readings and Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis & may be anywhere from 1-3 days from the original purchase date. However, you will be emailed within 24/48 hours after purchase to get you scheduled asap.


Your digital download contains all the details of your reading experience.


*** Disclaimer: The outcome of your life and manifesting is your choice for your life is yours to create. It’s up to you do take actions to create what you desire.
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Spirit Guid Team Reading w/Higher Self Alignment

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