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Akashic Record Clearing - Soul Healing

Do you feel like something is blocking you from healing or worse?

  • 1 hour
  • 155 US dollars
  • Bend

Service Description

In this 6o minute, 1:1 Zoom Session, we will look at any past-life or current life karma that is blocking you from moving forward, healing, relationship healing, finances or manifesting a better life for yourself. This session is not limited to just the above examples of life situations or karmic clearing. Past life karma and current life situations (stress, relationships, money, health, wellbeing, love etc.) can sometimes leave us astray, making us feel lost, confused, and exhausted. During your session, you will be empowered with great wisdom for clearing any karmic patterns, removing whats blocking you, and enlighten your life to assist you with your life situations and beyond. We will review any past life stories and the karmic energies that maybe blocking your life, per your session intentions. You will receive the details of your past life stories and be illuminated with how these past lives are blocking you. You may also receive current life energy blocks, karmic clearing, additional clearing work you can do even after the session, after session kit and other guidance to empower and assist with your life situation(s). We will also discuss new actions you can take to align you to your session intention or positive outcome for your life. These sessions are very affirming, healing, comforting, positive and enlightening. Even after your session the information you will gain to clear past karma, as well as the clearing you receive from your Spiritual Guru, will continue to assist you throughout your life. After your session, you will receive an after-session kit, including but not limited to: session recording, additional clearing, and suggestions from spirit via email. The after-session kit you will receive will continue to support you even after your session. Your soul holds the key to clearing your path and to bringing in healing that you have never experienced before, in all positive uplifting ways. It is by divine timing that you are here to receive these gifts of your soul’s wisdom and karmic clearing. Your session will include: 1 hour 1:1 Zoom session Learn about past life stories or Present life karma. Receive karmic clearing to assist you with your session intentions. After session Soul alignment guidance kit (via email) – additional clearing, session recording, it may also include but not limited too, suggestions from spirit, actions tips, empowerment suggestions, or subconscious retraining.

Cancellation Policy

You must give a 48-hour cancellation notice for all sessions. There is a $50 late fee for all appointments canceled with less than 48 hours' notice. Appointment can be rescheduled if given more than 48 hours' notice, please email or call us to reschedule. There is a no refund policy on all sessions because all sessions require detailed prep work done before the session. Thank you for your understanding, If you have any questions we would be happy to assist. Please email us at lovemorningstarlight@gmail.com

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  • Bend, OR, USA