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Akashic Records & Lotus Reiki Healing

Healing Empowerment for your body, mind, and soul!

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Transform your life with rewarding akashic record readings & lotus reiki.

Meet Kaylee MorningStarLight 

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"Kaylee MorningStar is the real deal! If you’re looking for someone that can help you to achieve real world results in your life then you have found it in Kaylee Morningstar!" ~David

Meet Kaylee

Kaylee MorningStarLight is an empowering transformational Spiritual Advisor, Lotus Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Akashic Record Master and Healing Artist helping people around the world to heal and remove whats standing in their way towards true transformation. She is certified and trained as a master healer in the modalities of the Akashic Records and Lotus Reiki and more. Kaylee has 20 years experience guiding, advising, and teaching people. 

Through her own great healing process and expanded high vibrational certifications, she will provide you with a unique and wonderfully empowering sessions, classes and readings. Her upbeat empowered attitude is the KEY to your successes. 


Through her video conference sessions and classes she offers you, and others from around the world, akashic and reiki healing to empower your life. No class or session goes without immense transformation and empowerment. Everyone is guaranteed true life transformation, positive impact on your life and powerful insightful one-on-one sessions and classes. Get started today!

Client testimonial: "Learning Reiki was a game changer for me and Kaylee was the key. She is extremely intuitive, understanding and a gifted natural healer." ~ Donna

"The akashic work has been rewarding and the detailed information shared was well worth the price." ~ Heather


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