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Akashic Records, Reiki & Archangel Healing

Discover the purpose of your soul & empower your energy.
What gifts will you discover?

Healing Empowerment for the Body, Mind, and Soul!
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Meet Kaylee MorningStarLight 

Meet Kaylee

Kaylee MorningStarLight has a Rolodex of hardships in her life and yet she’s the most positive compassionate loving person you will encounter. She is resilient in her healing process and helping others through their hardships to do the same. Her ability to lean into her hardships and teach others how to overcome theirs is truly a gift.  Her sessions are not only the embodiment of her journey from struggle to disease to a happy healthy life but roadmap for others struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone that has a session with her will walk away with something they can instantly apply to their lives and see results from. The inspiration that Kaylee shows us is the journey that she took to overcome anxiety, chronic pain, financial difficulties, and issues with relationships (family and partners) will blaze a light of personal spiritual warrior-ship, soul awakening, reiki healing and blessings of abundance for all those that work with her. 

Kaylee Morning Star Light is a creative Spiritual Advisor, Lotus Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Akashic Record Master and Healing Artist helping you to heal and remove whats standing in your way towards a more healed, prosperous, spiritually empowered and soulful life by using the powerful modalities of the Akashic Records, Lotus Reiki, & Archangel healing, and more. Kaylee has 11+ years experience guiding, advising, and teaching people. 

Through her own great healing process and expanded high vibrational certifications, she will provide you with a unique and wonderfully empowering sessions, classes and readings. Her upbeat empowered attitude is the KEY to your successes. 


She offers you, and others from around the world, soul and energy healing to empower your life through creating more self-love, prosperity, health and wealth by aligning you to your soul and  through Lotus Reiki healing. No class or session goes without immense empowerment, self-love building, learning tools to clear the root cause of your "why" you want change, and more, for a happier “you”. 

She offers you multidimensional healing session(s) and classes ranging from:


 - Akashic Record 

 - Lotus Reiki Sessions and Classes

 - Soul Alignment

 - Spirit Guide Team Alignment

 - Archangels attunements

 - Light Language 

      (awakening your inner soul voice)

All of her sessions and classes can be received from around the world via video conference. She offers a secure and sacred pace for all. She can assist you in many empowering ways, all from the comfort of your home! 

Client testimonial: "Learning Reiki was a game changer for me and Kaylee was the key. She is extremely intuitive, understanding and a gifted natural healer. If you’ve never had Reiki, it’s hard to understand, but Kaylee is able to show you how to unblock your energy, open up and get positive, healing energy flowing again. During a distance Reiki Class, I could literally feel my body tingling with my eyes closed and Kaylee was doing this over our zoom class. This facilitation of energy flow heals your mind, body and spirit WITHOUT any side effects. It’s incredible, powerful and I highly recommend it. Life is too short and precious to be distracted by misalignments. Take control of your health and live positively. Kaylee helped me do that and so much more. I can now help myself and others through Reiki. I highly recommend taking Reiki Classes and having a session with Kaylee." ~Donna J., California

Client testimonial: “I started my journey with Kaylee as one of her Reiki students. She has been absolutely inviting and compassionate with her gift of teaching and facilitating in my empowerment, so much so, that I have decided to dive into the other services she offers so that I can understand my soul's purpose and make sense of what my duty is in this vast universe. I look forward to Kaylee's sessions because she genuinely cares about my growth not only in the scope of Reiki, but in all areas of my life. I look forward to training with her in more areas and deepening my quest as a healer and student of the divine. . ~ R. Villa "


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