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Akashic Records | Divine Feminine Lotus Reiki™ 
Light Language | Soul Art | Archangel Training

Meet Kaylee LoveMorningStarLight 

Owner of MorningStarLightHealing

Kaylee LoveMorningStarLight is an empowering transformational Spiritual Mentor, Lotus Reiki™ Grand Master Teacher/Healer, Akashic Record Master Reader/Healer, Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Light Language Artist helping beautiful souls around the world to empower themselves, love themselves deeper, discover their soul selves, and raise their consciousness deeper with advanced higher level Grand Master wisdom. She is certified, trained and awakened grand master healer in the modalities of the Akashic Records, Lotus Reiki™Divine Feminine, Acupressure, Light Language, Divine Sophia Dragon Tribe, and Archangel Healing. Kaylee has many years’ of experience guiding, advising, mentoring, and teaching people. She is also a successful Etsy Shop owner selling soul healing art, guided meditations, healing necklaces, and akashic/spirit guide readings at

Through providing an abundant amount of offerings to heal and remove the mental, physical, soulful obstructions that are standing in their way towards a more abundant, healed, healthier, happier, spiritually empowered and soulful life. She practices her sessions & classes over zoom from her office in Hawaii, along with her divine partner in their art & music studio were light language art is created to assist and serve the greater good. Her mission is to raise consciousness on Earth for every self committed soul through Empowerment, and the Self Love Revolution! If you are ready to commit to yourself, heal yourself, empower yourself, discover your soul, learn about yourself, and discover the truth and power of true empowered advanced healing you are in the right sacred place. Go to her services page and shop now to start your journey of dancing to the beat of your soul!!! 🎉😊❤️🙏🌟


Everyone that has a session with her will walk away with something they can instantly apply to their lives and see results from. Her sessions and readings will blaze a light of personal spiritual awakening, healing, and blessings of to all those that work with her. Kaylee loves using Lotus Reiki™, Akashic Records, Archangel Healing and Light Language to help you heal, feel empowered and inspired to live your best life. Through her video conference sessions and classes, she offers you, and others from around the world. No class or session goes without immense transformation and empowerment. 

Client testimonial: "Learning Reiki was a game changer for me and Kaylee was the key. She is extremely intuitive, understanding and a gifted natural healer." ~ Donna​

"The akashic work has been rewarding and the detailed information shared was well worth the price." ~ Heather

Meet Kaylee

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