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Master Mentor Series

It is time to expand yourself & reclaim your power!

Clients speak....★★★★★ "Words cannot fully encapsulate this beautiful experience, so I recommend that you feel it for yourself by taking her classes!" ~ Jonte 

"The akashic work has been rewarding and the detailed information shared was well worth the price." ~ Heather


Master Mentor Series is a powerful empowering experience of self-discovery & self-commitment. It teaches you the power of healing old soul wounds, discover the power of your soul, how easy it is to connect to your soul, how to heal yourself, how to heal others, how to reclaim your soul power and how to protect your energy. It will assist you with building more self-love, self-care, self-empowerment, and commit to yourself. You can discover your akashic record, Lotus Reiki, Light Language, Archangel healing, and more. 


It will unlock your highest power and potential. One of the key ingredients to this is your soul. The voice of your soul calls to you for awakening. The voice of your soul whispers the guidance you have been searching for. Your time is now.

The process of aligning to your soul is very gentle compared to other forms of mentoring because it embodies great empowerment, self-love, mind changing techniques, and the power of the divine feminine. 

Ultimate Transformation You Receive (there are no limits):

Overcome your greatest fears about connecting to your soul intuition.​

 Empower yourself by building more soul intuition confidently.​

Feel supported as changes occur in your life.​

Learn new energy protection techniques to stand fully in your power.

Discover why you are taking on other peoples energy & how not to  (empaths this is calling you).

Start to hear the whispers of your soul.

Raise your vibration.

Empower your voice and feel confident using it. 

Empower and awaken your healing hands.

Learn the Ancient Wisdom of Your Soul.

Awaken to Ancient healing Arts.

Discover Your Soul Voice.

Alter Your Subconscious to empower a more positive mindset. 


Master Mentor Series Includes:

This master mentoring package includes 30 custom designed Master Mentoring sessions and classes (mix & match). Your 1st session will be a free 20 minute consultation to clarify your sessions/classes.

You can Mix and Match from the options listed below: Listen to your intuition while reading through the list below or schedule a free consultation now to review what you've been geeking to learn from us and we will put your series together, together! ;)

Mentoring Series Session & class options:

* 5 or more, One-on-one Mentoring Sessions for your life situations. Includes an interweaving of multiple modalities (akashic, light language, reiki, archangel healing/channeling) based on your needs.

* 7 Lotus Reiki Level One-Three classes to learn the Power of the Divine Feminine Lotus Reiki, advanced self-care, protection & empowerment for healing yourself & others.

* 5-10 Custom Soul Mentoring Sessions with your soul's akashic record to clear karma, learn your soul purpose, discover your soul matrix, find out positive empowered past lives, and more (there are no limits to this).

* Learn Light Language in the Light Language Alignment with Archangel Metatron package. 4 one-to-one zoom sessions, one reading & 3 Soul Code activations with light language activations from your soul and Metatron to activate your soul language (light language) or refine and discover where your current light language comes from. 

* Four Master Spirit Guide Team sessions with Higher Self Alignment. You will learn who your master spirit guides are, how many spirit guides you have, how exactly they are helping you, you will be aligned to your inner and outer spirit guide teams, you will be aligned to your soul self (higher-self), & more.

* Acupressure and Lotus Reiki 10 class series, where you will learn two ancient healing practices acupressure and Lotus Reiki level 1.

* 13 Warrior of Light Training Classes with the Archangel Kingdom. You will be aligned to the 10th dimensional level of 8 Archangel healing gifts including Metatron & Archangel Michael. You will learn advanced ways to heal yourself & others using the healing energies of the Archangels, plus.

* Dragon Warrior of Light Training with the Divine Sophia Dragon Tribe. You will learn how to work with the 7 Divine Feminine Sophia Dragon Tribe Ascended Masters, 8 Dragon Guardians and Metatron's wheel for greater service in the light. 

* Business Mentoring for those wishing to grow there reiki or healing practice.

Every session and class includes a recording for you to keep, class materials (were applies), and after session/class mini kits (follow-ups). Bonus weaving of other modalities into your sessions and classes are done on an as-needed-basis. We do this weaving for free to empower you with more confidence, self-love expansion, intuitive guidance, and more.​ The weaving of other modalities is to help you feel supported while on this deep mentor journey. An example of a weaving for an Archangel Class is: "You come to class upset about something that happened at work. Together we will talk briefly about it and then we may do a short guided meditation to ground and center you for class." Weavings are short and a free gift during the mentoring process and only happen when I am guided to assist you deeper. Plus it adds in some fun for us both!

Now that you have an over view of the juice stuff, I want to invite you to step into your power. To commit to yourself and invest in your highest power and potential by activating your soul power in a Master Mentor Series with me.

All of us have the power to advance ourselves. It's not that difficult, but it does take self commitment and a willingness to stretch yourself.


Why not stretch into yourself? See if you can experience the deeper power that emerges when you deepen your commitment to yourself. Click "Let's Get Started" 



This package includes 30 custom designed Master Mentoring sessions and classes (mix & match). Your 1st session will be a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your sessions/classes.


Kaylee MorningStarLight is an empowering transformational Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Lotus Reiki™ Grand Master Teacher, Akashic Record Master, Chinese Medicine Healer and Healing Artist helping people around the world to heal and remove what's standing in their way towards true transformation. She is certified, trained and awakened grand master healer in the modalities of the Akashic Records, Lotus Reiki™, Acupressure, Light Language, Divine Sophia Dragon Tribe, and Archangel Healing. Kaylee has many years’ of experience guiding, advising, mentoring, and teaching people. She is also a successful Etsy Shop owner selling soul healing art, guided meditations, healing necklaces, and psychic readings at​


Everyone that has a session with her will walk away with something they can instantly apply to their lives and see results from. Her sessions and readings will blaze a light of personal spiritual awakening, healing, and blessings of to all those that work with her. Kaylee loves using Reiki, Tarot, Akashic Records, Archangel Healing and Light Language to help you heal, feel empowered and be more inspired throughout your life. Through her video conference sessions and classes, she offers you, and others from around the world. No class or session goes without immense transformation and empowerment. 

Copy of Christ Rose Mandala (18 × 12 in).PNG

These words are infused with heartfelt appreciation for Kaylee! Since taking her warrior of light classes, every area of my life has transformed with ease & joy. Every area, including financial well-being and soul family connection! Strengthening my connection to the archangel kingdom has anchored a foundational frequency of compassion, deep self-love and greater trust in my intuition. With every attunement, I felt layers of clearing, activation and soul remembrance. Each archangel has their own light language and I could really feel it flowing through Kaylee's voice. Kaylee is an excellent instructor. Passionately dedicated, she goes above and beyond. Along with the archangel codes and attunements, she interweaves tarot, light language, Reiki, intuitive guidance and so much more. She brings empowerment and soul-nourishing laughter to every class! Furthermore, she provides a detailed follow-up email after every class with a recording and helpful insights to build empowerment! It has been weeks since I have completed these classes and I am still feeling the transformation unfolding as I continue to work and play in the archangel energies. Words cannot fully encapsulate this beautiful experience, so I recommend that you feel it for yourself by taking her classes! ~ Jonte


"I truly loved the  akashic reading session! Kaylee was very informative and told me about several past life situations effecting me in this lifetime as well situations in this lifetime that I need to clear in order to be aligned with my souls’s divine blueprint. I have an informational packet and some homework to do and am still in the process of that. I can feel myself shifting, clearing, and my vibration rising. Kaylee is amazing, genuine, down to earth, and so powerful!! I highly recommend working with her! This was my 4th session with her, but my first Akashic clearing session. It’s just what I needed to help me on my own journey as a light worker and empath. Thank you, Kaylee!! I’m excited for my next session with you and to find my way as a healer." Ashley

"The Teacher I didn’t know I needed! I've only taken my first two reiki classes with Kaylee, but I feel like I have learned so much as well as affirmed much of what I think my life's work is all about. Kaylee has a way of being concise with her teaching while still keeping the conversation organic and personal to the student. I look forward to the remainder of my classes and would highly recommend Kaylee's class to any healer interested in breaking the mold and coming to honor and embrace these skills we hold dormant within ourselves." ~ Ronica, California

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