Client Testimonial:

"I recently took Kaylee's one on one online Lightarian Reiki training. She makes the material easy to understand & is often intuitively guided during the trainings. I felt an increase in empowerment within myself & my life with each training. Kaylee also makes practical, helpful suggestions to support the changes occurring in one's life. Kaylee is empathetic & energetic & I felt deeply held & cared for during the process.  She is a gifted guide and Reiki healer who has also helped me tune in more to my guides, intuition & messages through her Spirit Guide sessions. I highly recommend working with her & am thrilled to have her as a mentor! ~Cristi, CA”

"1000's Thank yous Kaylee! I am so humbled and blessed by you sharing your gifts with me! You are such a PURE Radiant Sunshine, your work/play and creations have been a delight to experience!


I am so thrilled with the Akashic Soul Code with channeled message from my soul and Angels and the light language art piece you created for me. it's so inspiring, sweet, beautiful and nourishing. It was divine timing for me to read the message while doing some inner child work and hearing "to trust the rebirthing" was music to my ears. The art piece brings me joy, lightness, empowerment and ease. I have my art piece up in my bedroom and saved the digital copy as a screen savor on my phone, like you suggested. 


I shared one of your light language videos with my Sister. It is so Beautiful and healing. My Sister and I have healing to do and I'm grateful she was open to watching it and she enjoyed it. Then we watched it together and it solidified so much healing for us! I am so grateful for you.


I highly recommend anyone needing any kind of healing to book a session with Kaylee. She is a gift to us all!


Thank you, Kaylee!" ~ Patti, Florida

"Absolutely loved working with Kaylee! She is awesome! I learned a lot about my soul during my zoom Soul realignment session. I also experience great mind, body and soul healing through a light language session over zoom, and a reiki session over zoom with her. It was so powerful and she sent me a great deal of self-care tools after every session I had with her. I learned a lot about myself to move forward with a happier life! I highly recommend scheduling a any of her zoom session! Thank you, Kaylee!"

~ Brenda, Oregon

"The Teacher I didn’t know I needed! I've only taken my first two reiki classes with Kaylee, but I feel like I have learned so much as well as affirmed much of what I think my life's work is all about. Kaylee has a way of being concise with her teaching while still keeping the conversation organic and personal to the student. I look forward to the remainder of my classes and wåould highly recommend Kaylee's class to any healer interested in breaking the mold and coming to honor and embrace these skills we hold dormant within ourselves. ~ Ronica, California

"The soul realignment session was extremely transformational, powerful and insightful and had a very positive impact on me. I absolutely loved the session and would highly recommend anyone who is healing in creating positive change in their lives by working with this amazing powerful healing to connect with Kaylee." ~ Marla, Turkey

“I started my journey with Kaylee as one of her Reiki students. She has been absolutely inviting and compassionate with her gift of teaching and facilitating in my empowerment, so much so, that I have decided to dive into the other services she offers so that I can understand my soul's purpose and make sense of what my duty is in this vast universe. I look forward to Kaylee's sessions because she genuinely cares about my growth not only in the scope of Reiki, but in all areas of my life. I look forward to training with her in more areas and deepening my quest as a healer and student of the divine." ☺️. ~ R. Villa, California

"Kaylee‎ has‎ always‎ been‎ an‎ inspiration‎ to‎ me‎ and‎ is‎ my‎ biggest‎ supporter.‎ ‎ Kaylee‎ taught‎ me‎ to‎ believe‎ in‎ the‎ power‎ within‎ myself‎ and‎ to‎ believe‎ in‎ the‎ power‎ of‎ my‎ thoughts.‎ ‎ When‎ I‎ was‎ diagnosed‎ with‎ cancer‎ it‎ was‎ Kaylees‎ words‎ that‎ echoed‎ within‎ me‎ and‎ it‎ was‎ then‎ that‎ I‎ truly‎ relied‎ on‎ my‎ own‎ inner‎ strength‎ and‎ positive‎ thoughts‎ to‎ put‎ forth‎ healing‎ in‎ the‎ universe‎ and‎ within‎ my‎ body.‎ ‎ Kaylee‎ not‎ only‎ provided‎ Reiki‎ to me but‎ taught‎ me‎ how‎ to‎ utilize‎ Reiki‎ in‎ my‎ own‎ healing‎ process.‎ ‎ I‎ firmly‎ believe‎ that‎ the‎ use‎ of‎ reiki‎ and‎ positive‎ thinking‎ had‎ a‎ tremendous‎ impact‎ on‎ my‎ overall‎ well‎ being‎ and‎ journey‎ through‎ my‎ healing‎ process (the cancer is gone).‎ I‎ cannot‎ thank‎ Kaylee‎ enough‎ for‎ her‎ continued‎ support‎ and‎ strength‎ that‎ has‎ been‎ a‎ bright‎ light‎ of‎ love‎ and‎ inspiration‎ in‎ my‎ life. Not only did she teach me Reiki and give me Reiki Sessions but she also provided me with a Soul Realignment Session and an Akashic Clearing to assist me with clearing any past life karma connected to my journey with cancer. I highly recommend working with Kaylee. She is a life savor that you will be forever grateful for!" ~ Holly, Washington State

"Kaylee Morning Star is the real deal! If your looking for someone that could help you to achieve real world results in your life then you have found it in Kaylee Morningstar!

I did a Soul Realignment session with Kaylee Morning Starlight and it was one of the best sessions I have done in many years. I actually stopped booking sessions with people because I wasn't getting the results I intended.  However, when I looked at Kaylee photo and looked into her eyes, I felt something true, sincere, and full of integrity and I felt the spark that I found had evaded me for years when it comes to seeking the assistance of others. With Kaylee, the results were not only what I intended but beyond that and it filled me with so much life energy and joy and boosted my desire to succeed in whatever I am doing in life. It makes going after your spirituality and your life focus much clearer and more enjoyable! If you are hesitating on booking a session with her, Please Don't! Do not miss out on an opportunity that could be life-changing for you; and this I say from my heart, soul, and spirit. She is the real deal! ~ David, California"

"I would have to say Kaylee’s energy in class is contagious and her excitement for her students progression is very uplifting. You can tell she truly enjoys this work. On days where I may be doubting myself or confused about an experience she is right there to help support you through it. I like that she does give some alternatives to healing but also gives you the freedom to do what feels natural. I always look forward to class with her and plan to take more classes. Thank you Kaylee, us meeting wasn’t a coincidence and I’m so grateful we met. ~ Atiana, California"

"The sessions that I have attended with Kaylee were affirming, empowering and synchronized with my life and what healing I needed. I had an Akashic Record Session and a Spirit Guide Team Session with Kaylee. Her session prices are worth every penny! She also provides you with an after session recording you can keep. Everytime I listen to it it reveals more wisdom and healing to explore. I plan on continuing my soul healing journey with Kaylee, because I love her warm and loving approach. I am so grateful she showed up on my life journey! Thank you, Kaylee!"~ C. Scott, D.C.

Learning Reiki was a game changer for me and Kaylee was the key. She is extremely intuitive, understanding and a gifted natural healer. If you’ve never had Reiki, it’s hard to understand, but Kaylee is able to show you how to unblock your energy, open up and get positive, healing energy flowing again. During a distance Reiki Class, I could literally feel my body tingling with my eyes closed and Kaylee was doing this over our zoom class. This facilitation of energy flow heals your mind, body and spirit WITHOUT any side effects. It’s incredible, powerful and I highly recommend it. Life is too short and precious to be distracted by misalignments. Take control of your health and live positively. Kaylee helped me do that and so much more. I can now help myself and others through Reiki. I highly recommend taking Reiki Classes and having a session with Kaylee.

  ~Donna J., California

“Since working with Kaylee I have felt this stronger internal push to do my best to keep on track with seeing more of me and what I can do. I'm definitely grateful I was called to work with Kaylee - I watched her videos on YouTube for a long time and followed her posts on FB so I knew I wanted to work with Kaylee for my Reiki Masters and then Lightarian Reiki. Kaylee to me has a smooth energy that I Love! I highly recommend working with her. ~ C. Thompson, Australia

"Kaylee is an inspiration in my life! I first discovered her through a light language group and I felt a transformation immediately. So Since then, I have experienced a soul realignment, a manifestation blueprint session, a spirit team session, advanced Akashic Record clearing, Lightarian Reiki Classes, Archangel Classes and a life situation clearing. Each session with Kaylee has brought enlightened wisdom, greater connection to my spirit team, clarity on my soul calling, heartfelt belly laughs and deep soul healing. I feel more whole within myself, which has led to more financial abundance and reuniting with soul family. I am so honored to continue on my spiritual path with Kaylee."

~ Jonte, Mississippi

"Thank you for my Reiki healing! It was AMAZING! It took a few days to integrate, but I feel a lot better. I feel like I'm more like me. I'm more motivated, my energy is lighter, I feel better!! I'm so grateful for you and the light and all the Archangels and the amazing love and healing they offered me through you. I highly recommend working with Kaylee! She is a true healer, teacher and Spiritual Guide! I can’t wait to start learning reiki from her! She is worth every penny and more!" ~ A.J.

"I absolutely LOVED the Soul Realignment Session that I had with Kaylee Recently. Kaylee is highly intuitive, insightful and down-to-earth and she is such an incredible joy to connect with. She articulates the information she receives in a very clear, concise and direct way that is easy to understand on multiple levels. I really appreciated learning about how two of my past lifetimes were directly affecting my current lifetime now and Kaylee was a guide helping me to be able to clear and integrate the lessons from these past lifetimes, so that I can begin to have a better, easier and more joyful life now. Kaylee is a bridge between worlds and she is able to easily connect with the information in the Akashic realm and brings it here to this realm of consciousness so that we are able to take actionable steps in our life now in order to bring about the highest level of healing, insight and wisdom to our own current life experiences. I feel that the Soul Realignment session is a wonderful gift for those looking to deepen their connection with themselves on a soul level. I felt that this session was extremely comprehensive and I appreciated learning about my soul gifts and soul group in addition to having her answer the questions that I had asked at the beginning of the session. All of the information I received was a gift, a blessing and was extremely accurate and is something that I will continue to work with Kaylee on. The session was extremely transformational, powerful and insightful and had a very positive impact on me. The Transmutation of energy clearing that she gave me after the session was complete, and with that tool alone, I can already feel that my work with Kaylee has shifted me, opening me up to connect deeper with my heart, mind, body and soul. I absolutely loved this session and would highly recommend working with Kaylee. ~ M.K, Turkey

I had my 1st ever distance Reiki Session with Kaylee, it was great! I loved that I could be at home where I am cozy and comfortable, I could lie down where I wanted and have time to adjust as needed. I really appreciated that Kaylee gave me some background information on Reiki and let me know that it's ok if I do not yet fully believe in Reiki, she made me feel very comfortable and confident that I would still see results.
We then moved into a very relaxing reiki session. Kaylee helped me feel safe throughout the session. I liked that I knew ahead of time about how long the session would be, and that there was an introduction, therapy, and then an overview. Kaylee even follow-up with me a few days after my session to see how I was feeling. I was honestly surprised how much Reiki helped me.
I would love to learn Reiki healing from a Kaylee MorningStarLight course. I will definitely return to sessions with Kaylee in the future. I would highly recommend working with Kaylee.
She is very kind and professional.  

~ Ericka, Washington State