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Meditation for Expansion

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Is your mind ALWAYS going going going.......

Meditation is a life savor for an over active mind! I used to work in San Francisco, take care of my family and showcase my art. Talk about over active mind and body, lol. Meditation was my God send towards my high vibe peaceful mind. Do you want to know how?

"Guided meditations saved my life! I now have better stability in all areas of my life. Bonus, I also have a healthier thinking patterns."

Does life drive you mad sometimes? Late nights? Can't sleep? Meditation can assist you with grace and easy. When I was working in San Francisco I was exhausted, over worked and I over thought. I couldn't sleep, I was a drag to be around, and worse I had no spiritual identity.

Meditating on the train saved my life!

I started meditating while I was on Caltrain. Yep, while I was on the train heading into San Fran! I started out by sitting, closing my eyes, trusting my intuition (yes, my bag was in save spot), and just breathing. Breathing in, breathing out..... Breathing in, breathing out. Next thing I knew, I was flying high in a state of peace. All my worries faded away. I was fully trusting in the universe and my higher self to bring my back to earth. wink wink Some mornings, I wouldn't be able to meditate long. Other mornings, I would meditate all the way to SF. My point is you can do it too! Anywhere! Sometimes meditating in the most craziest places is the key to clearing your mind, better sleep, better mood, and more.

I invite you to try a quick meditation now. Visualize your happy place; beach, zoo, camping, ocean. Close your eyes and breathe into your heart space. Slow an steady breathes, its okay if your breathing is fast and rapid at first. Allow yourself to relax into your happy place. Send all your worries or any thoughts that pop into your mind to the earth to be recycled into love, peace, and harmony. Breathe slowly, allow yourself to let go. Keep breathing, slow an steady breaths. Okay, I can hear you know. STOP thinking that you can't. YES, you can do this! You got this! Try to do this for up to 5 minutes each day at the start or end of your day. I can hear you again... Yes, you can do this. If you keep having negative self talk ask yourself this, how can I make mediation work for me? Answer, just BREATHE! Focus on your breathe and your mind will clear.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog! If you would like a guided mediation head over to my shop, I have some beautiful guided meditation there. Some of them even have reiki healing and light language to further assist you. Happy Meditating! Stay tuned for more soon! Love and gratitude on you journey!

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