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In this distance Archangel Healing, you will receive an audio recording with Archangel healing based on your healing intentions for your session. This will assist you for your highest and greatest good. Archangel healing is powerful way to clear your aura, heal pain, heal injury, align your chakras, address any hormonal imbalances, assist your body with recovery from surgery or help prepare your body for surgery. Archangel healing can also assist you with balancing your emotions and stress management. 


What is Archangel Healing? Archangel's provide special healing lights and rays that assist your body to naturally heal itself. 


What does it feel like? Archangel healing is gentle, loving and peaceful. You may feel tingling, light pressure, heat or cooling energy. This is safe and there are no negative reactions. 


After purchase, you will be contacted by within 24/48hrs to let you know when you will be receiving your healign (audio file with your healing). This Archangel healing is an audio file recording only that is sent to you via email within 72hrs (time may vary) after initial contact from Kaylee MorningStarLight.

Please email us your intention for this healing after purchase or put a comment under the "akashic reading section".


Please note, Kaylee MorningStarLight healing usually conducts her work between the hours of 10am-4pm, PST, Tuesday-Friday and some Saturdays.


***Digital download contains information on how you will receive your archangel healing and contact information. The actually healing will be sent to you in a separate email. 

*** Note: Archangel Healing, are for you to receive healing for your intention. The outcome of the healing and your life is your choice for your life is yours to create. The outcome may vary per person.


** Disclaimer: Archangel Healing, Mentoring, Tarot, Light language, Reiki, Energy Frequency art & Akashic Readings, are for you to learn about your soul knowledge, your soul energy, receive energy healing, messages from spirit, high vibe frequencies and to empower yourself. The outcome of your life and manifesting is your choice for your life is yours to create. These sessions only teach you “how”. It’s up to you to take actions to create what you desire. Readings you receive may vary income for everyone is different. With the purchase of this energy healing, you acknowledge and agree that session results vary from person to person and as such, we are free from liability. You acknowledge and agree that this reading  is not a substitute for medical care.

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Archangel Distance Healing

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