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35 minute Personal Light Language Channeled recording to assist you with a life situation question, energy healing, and high dimensional soul frequency healing/awakening or free flow intention. This light language channeling may contain soul activations to assist you and advance you. Soul key codes maybe channeled through for you too. You will receive a recording in light language and English to assist you with your life situation, soul awakening or free flow channeling. What happens? Per your intentions, you will receive a 35 minute channeling in light language and English. You will be guide on your recording on how to receive the light language frequencies. You will also be guided if any additional information and messages from source come in. You will be empowered in wonderful ways. Sometimes these channelings have drop-in archangels, guides and other high dimensional light beings (pleidians, andromedians etc.). Which is so much fun to receive and experience. You may receive suggestions in your email with the recording to continue to empower you even after the session. This reading will be an MP4 audio file emailed to you within 72 hours.


What does it feel like? Light language is a powerful but gentle frequency similar to reiki or sound healing. You may feel very relaxed, sleepy, happy or another emotion. Light language is felt by the heart and soul. It is not structured by the mind. It is very spiritual awakening and enlightening. It may heighten your intuition, calm your stress, awaken more self-love, awaken more inner courage, shift out old thinking patterns/beliefs, enhance your soul connection, and empower you to better yourself in new ways.


Please add your session intention for your channeling at checkout (or email us after purchase at Please reference our hours for channelings on our website. Allow 72 hours before your channeling can be received. Channelings are done on a first come first serve bases.


The download that comes with this purchase contains details about your channeling and instructions on how to receive.

Personal Light Language Channeling via recording

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