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This is a beautiful guided mediation is to assist you with reclaiming the love within your heart for greater receiving and giving love. It also holds powerful love affirmations, reiki & Archangel healing. All of which is a great benefit to your daily life. It will illuminate your heart, body and mind to receive love in a new and powerful way. It will assist you in feeling more loved, stable, higher energy, at ease with life, within your body, reclaiming your loving energy, grounding and self-love. The power of receiving and giving love is the power of truly living within your love 1st and foremost. 😊 When we have more self-love and are grounded it reflects positively into all areas of our lives. Self-love is the new universal kung fu, empowering you within!

Meditation Suggestions:
1. Suggested listening: Is up to 7 days in a row. Listen to your intuition on how much or how often, if you are not feeling the 7 days that's ok. Listen to it as you feel best fits you. :)
2. Listen to this meditation in a quiet space with no interrupts.
3. Please don't listen to this meditation while driving.
4. This meditation do not replace any medical care. 
5. You can download the meditation to your phone or computer so you have it anytime you want. 
6. Keep in mind you are the empowered creator of your world. It is your choice whether or not you listen to and receive this beautiful meditation. 
7. This meditation does not replace the profound healing you can receive by having a session with MorningStarLight.

Note: The downloaded file is your's to keep and is a MP4 File. If you need another file type please feel free to message us.

** This guided meditation does not guarantee that it will help you attach a loving partner. It is your responsibility to take the appropriate actions toward finding a loving partner.

Giving and Receiving Love Guided Meditation

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