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This is a beautiful Higher Self Alignment guided meditation with light language transmission audio download. It is designed to bring deep cellular healing to your higher chakras, light body, physical body and fill you with higher intuition, self-love, joy, and happiness to connect you deeper to your higher self. The light language transmission, guided meditation and activation is channeled from the Akashic Records, Sophia Dragon Tribe, Lemurian's, Pleiadian's, Andromedan's, Lyran's and Archangel's as they will be bringing in codes to align you to your higher self. It has light language codes for healing your light body, heart, soul, and physical body. The Archangel Healing, Light Frequency Healing, Lotus Reiki will awaken your higher self awareness and deepen your connection to your higher self. There will be special messages from the higher realms as well. It will empower you in all positive ways, bring overall body healing, and build your confidence levels to new heights! 


Meditation Suggestions:
1. Suggested listening: You may listen to this guided meditation as often as you feel necessary to benefit your life. 
2. Listen to this meditation in a quiet space with no interrupts.
3. Please don't listen to this meditation while driving.
4. This meditations do not replace any medical care. 
5. You can download the meditation to your phone or computer so you have it anytime you want. 
6. Keep in mind you are the empowered creator of your world. It is your choice whether or not you listen to and receive this beautiful meditation. 


This is an MP3 Audio file that you can download to your phone, iPad or computer. This file can not be shared with anyone who has not paid for it. It is a copyright violation to share this download. It has instructions on how to use it within the audio file. This audio file is upto 30 minutes in length.

Note about Light language: Light Language healing is a safe and natural way to expand your consciousness, build self-love, soul empowerment, positive vibration and more. How you use it and its effectiveness is upto you.


** This guided meditation and light language channeling does not guarantee an outcome.

Higher Self Alignment & Healing Guided Meditation with Light Language

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