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SELF LOVE Advanced Tool Kit for Living Your Best Life! Includes Akashic readings, several guided meditations & a self-love journal


In this advanced Self Love Tool Kit for Living Your Best Life, you will be empowered by discovering how to reclaim your soul's power, get detailed soul purpose reading, a positive empowered ancient soul story reading, immense empowerment, increase your intuition, and clear negative past life karma to empower yourself love and life.


You also receive three guided meditations for deeper self-love, reclaiming your voice, and awakening your soul. You will discover the secrets to unlocking and connecting to the fire of your soul (why its important), how to connect to your soul's star of origin and soul energy, how to use your intuition to navigate your life, how to empower areas of your life and the unknown to stand fearless within empowerment, love and healing.


This self love tool kit will assist you with self-discovery, retraining your mind and why your soul is the key you have been missing to live your best life.


How does this self love kit benefit you?


It includes two zoom sessions, two MP3 audio readings, three guided meditation downloads, one digital self love journal (PDF), and one free light language activation (audio file) for soul or starseed awakening.


• 1hr Soul Reading over zoom to discover the power of your soul's energies and soul star system of origin.

• 1 hr Akashic Clearing over zoom to healing and clear old karmic patterns blocking you from living your best life.

• 1 hour Soul Empowered past life reading. This is an Ancient Soul Story of a past life that was all positive and you were in alignment with your soul (no negative karma). This is sent to you via an MP3 Audio Recording and does not require a zoom meeting.

• Channeling fro Metatron and your souls Akashic Record to connect you to your higher self. (MP3 Audio file)

• Self-love and grounding guided meditation (MP3 Audio file)

• Metatron Guided Meditation for self love and heart awakening to align you deeper to remembering your soul. (MP3 Audio file)

• Archangel Michael Guided Meditation for greater energy protection, energy boundaries and reclaiming your voice. (MP3 Audio file)

• Attitude of Gratitude Self-love & Gratitude Daily/Monthly Journal for connecting deeper to the power of self-love and gratitude throughout your life. This is a wonderful foundational journal via a PDF downloadable and it is an essential tool from your spiritual tool kit.

• Free Light language self empowerment activation from Metatron and your soul's akasha. (MP4 Audio file)


Your download includes a PDF file about your sessions (scheduling), all the guided meditations, and attitude of gratitude journal (PDF). Your 1st session will be a soul reading session. We will talk about your package, your schedule for your other session, empowerment details for self love tool kit, when you'll get your free gift and most importantly HAVE FUN transforming and empowering your life for greater freedom to live your best life. You will be emailed within 24/48 hours after purchase to get you scheduled asap.


Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis & may be anywhere from 1-2 weeks from the original purchase date. Kaylee MorningStarLight healing usually conducts 1:1 Sessions/classes over zoom between 10am-4pm, HST, Tuesday-Friday. I offer additional adjusted times for US time zones, Australian clients, UK clients, South African clients, etc., please keep this in mind.


*** Note: Akashic Readings, are for you to learn about your soul knowledge, your soul gifts and to empower yourself. The outcome of your life and manifesting is your choice for your life is yours to create. These sessions only teach you “how”. It’s up to you to take actions to create what you desire.

SELF LOVE Advanced Tool Kit for Living Your Best Life! Includes Akashic readings

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