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This beautiful, personalized Soul Star Mandala from your soul's 7th dimensional Akashic Record is the power and energy of your soul to align to the gifts of your soul (soul purpose). It will help you return to wholeness and remember who you are at soul level. It will assist you daily with soul remembrance, soul manifestation, soul awakening and align you to your soul's greater wisdom. These are so much fun to have and to explore the endless possibilities of your soul’s matrix, soul’s power, and the multidimensional possibilities of who you are. It’s better than knowing your zodiac because it’s at the core of who you are. Along with your unique handmade Soul Star Mandala, you will also receive a soul reading via an MP3/MP4 audio file to your email. It will have the light language frequency of your soul energies, what your soul purpose/gifts/energies/numbers mean. Or you can receive your soul's manifesting matrix reading. Either reading will have instructions on how to use your Soul Star Mandala to benefit your life. This will give you an even bigger boost of your soul power, soul healing, enlighten your soul consciousness, raise your energy vibration, and empower your life. Your handmade Soul Mandala will be 12”x12” in size and on pro-art board or canvas, ready to frame. This beautiful piece will be a channeled healing for you from your soul's birth (time of creation by source). Your soul star mandala will assist you with raising your vibration & the vibration of your space which will bring you and your space greater peace and comfort. Your handmade Soul Star Mandala will be a great addition to your home, alter, meditation space, reiki room, or any place you wish to put it. This art piece will bring any space a higher vibrational frequency of positivity, high vibes, love, healing and more. You will be unlocking the keys of your soul and discover the enlightenment that comes with soul remembering for many beautiful years. Your high vibrational handmade soul star mandala will be created with one or more of the following; metallic ink/paint, gauche paint, acrylic paint. It will be made during a special Akashic Record channeling from your soul’s 7th dimensional Akashic record. Your handmade Soul Star Mandala will be 12”x12” in size and on pro-art board or canvas, ready to frame. After purchase, you will me messaged on Etsy or via your email with the processing time for creation of your soul star mandala and reading.Shipping is free for all orders US clients. International clients email us before purchase due to customs and VAT fees. International please be mindful that your country may charge a customs fee on entry, VAT fee and shipping ranges from $30-$100plus. As the seller we are not in control of customs and country rules. This is based on your country rules. Please message us if you have questions and would like to order.


Note, your mandala may visually look different from the images in this listing because it will be your unique soul's energy. The art piece shown in this post are examples only.


Personalized Soul Star Mandala

  • There is a no refund policy and no return policy on all custom art pieces. Due to the time and nature of the personalized artwork and digital audio recording.

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