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The Akashic Records holds all the knowledge and wisdom of your soul, including your soul name! You will discover your soul’s name in light language (which is the language of the soul) and english via a digital audio file (MP4) and a written document (PDF) with your soul name in light language, english and a definition of what your soul name means. Discovering your soul name is an exciting gift to yourself and those you love. It will give you some insight on your soul's nature and bring in more loving expectance of your soul. 


What are the Akashic Records? You can think of the Akashic Records as the internet that holds all the knowledge of all souls on the planet, plus all universal karma. The Akashic Records holds all the knowledge of your soul gifts, karma, the root cause(s) to your life problems and more. The great wisdom of the Akashic Records is the key to true happiness and your soul’s purpose.


Your digital download includes details about your purchase and delivery of your reading.


It is also possible to get your soul name painted and digitally emailed to you. You can purchase this along with learning your soul name reading back out on our website. 


If you'd like an to meet me over zoom for a more in-depth soul reading (soul realignment) session, please, schedule a soul realignment session back out on our website at under services. 


After purchase, you will be contacted by within 24/48hrs to let you know when you will be receiving your soul name reading (audio file with detailed soul name info.). This Akashic Reading is an audio file recording only of you soul name that is sent to you via email within 72hrs (time may vary) after initial contact from Kaylee MorningStarLight. Readings are done on a first come, first serve basis & may be upto 72hrs from the original purchase date. Kaylee MorningStarLight healing usually conducts her work between the hours of 10am-4pm, PST, Tuesday-Friday. 


What is light language: Light language is the language of the soul and is understood by the body, heart and soul on a multidimensional level.  It also can be used to channel messages from Divine realms (Archangels/Ascended Masters). Light Language is a high Vibrational frequency energy healing that will connect you deeper to your soul, Divine realms and other forms of healing. Light language bypasses the logical mind and is understood by the soul and felt in heart center. Light language is the frequency of love and is expressed in a loving and gentle manner. Light language transmissions hold keys and codes to help the listener or speaker unlock their full potential so they can step full into their highest and greatest potential. 


*** Note: Light language is the frequency of the soul. It is safe to receive and learn about it. How it helps and assists you is different for everyone. The outcome maybe different for everyone. Your energy and your life are your choice.


*** Disclaimer: Mentoring, Tarot, Light language, Reiki, Energy Frequency art & Akashic Readings, are for you to learn about your soul knowledge, your soul energy, receive energy healing, messages from spirit, high vibe frequencies and to empower yourself. The outcome of your life and manifesting is your choice for your life is yours to create. These sessions only teach you “how”. It’s up to you to take actions to create what you desire. Readings you receive may vary income for everyone is different. With the purchase of this energy healing, you acknowledge and agree that session results vary from person to person and as such, we are free from liability. You acknowledge and agree that this reading  is not a substitute for medical care.

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Soul Name Reading

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