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Lemurian Lotus Reiki Master Class

This is 7 level Lemurian Lotus Reiki Classes for advanced reiki practitioners.

  • 2 hr
  • 999.99 US dollars
  • Via video conference or in-person

Service Description

Lemurian Lotus Reiki is an advanced form of reiki. Its gift is to raise your vibration into higher states of consciousness, empowerment, self healing and the healing of others. These classes will transform your life, empower your voice, and teach you how to heal yourself and others through the power and joy of Lemurian Lotus Reiki Healing. As you ascend into higher levels of Lotus Reiki you will work with the Lemurian Starseed Queen and the Sophia Dragon Tribe and higher more refined bandwidths of lotus reiki. It will also teach how to use your voice through sound frequency healing, encoding light codes into crystals, and empowering you with the gifts of Divine Feminine and Lemurian ascended masters and their dragons. Lemurian Lotus Reiki is an expanded form of Beginning Lotus Reiki, Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki Masters who wish to continue their spiritual journey and bring their healing to a higher level. This form of Reiki is a gift of the Lemurians and the Divine Feminine Sofia Dragon Tribe that uses higher vibrational bands for a broader, more powerful Reiki connection. Lemurian Reiki is a total of 4 mastery classes of 7 levels of higher bandwidths of reiki. Each class continues to raise your vibrational band to send and receive Reiki without using symbols. These classes are 2 hours over zoom. You will receive certification, class recordings, additional empowerment, self-love, reiki practice techniques, business tips (optional), advanced protection and manifestation techniques. If you know light language this training will advance your soul voice connection. If you do not know light language no worries. You can always add it on later, if you would like. It's time to awaken higher vibrational levels of Lemurian Lotus Reiki healing within you and elevate your life into multidimensional healing.

Contact Details


Kailua, HI, USA

Cancellation Policy

You must give a 48-hour cancellation notice for all sessions. There is a $50 late fee for all appointments canceled with less than 48 hours' notice. Appointment can be rescheduled if given more than 48 hours' notice, please email or call us to reschedule. There is a no refund policy on all sessions because all sessions require detailed prep work done before the session. Thank you for your understanding, If you have any questions we would be happy to assist. Please email us at

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