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Hi Beautiful Soul! We are very excited to be a spiritual guide for you. We’ve been working on away to connect you with deeper wisdom of the power of the mind over money. We are finally going to wrap it all up. We will be releasing our very first class in June. These online classes will be entirely focused on empowering your manifestation abilities, clearing money blocks, higher-self alignment for greater money manifestation, plus more. These online classes will be filled with useful tools for clearing money blocks, tangible materials you can use to create your abundance with more mind power, money clearing, soul evolution tips, how to ingrate your spirituality into your reality and utilizing it to align to greater abundance, plus more. It’s going to be all we know and more. And we are going to show you exactly how we navigate our money manifestation. However, we need your help? Before we finalize everything and send it off. We need to make sure we’ve covered everything. That is, were you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey. There is only a few things we want to ask you. What are your top questions on manifesting money, healing money blocks, mind over money healing and the akashic records for integrating your spirituality into your reality to create more money. That we absolutely need to answer before officially sending out the class registration. We are truly grateful for your input because your voice matters to us!

Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy day to assist us with this! Sending you blessings of love and light!

Team Kaylee MorningStarLight 

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