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Dragon Warrior
Light Training 

Join the Program to Discover the

Your ultimate POWER and Potential!

Clients speak....★★★★★ "Words cannot fully encapsulate this beautiful experience, so I recommend that you feel it for yourself by taking her classes!" ~ Jonte 

"The akashic work has been rewarding and the detailed information shared was well worth the price." ~ Heather


In this Dragon Warrior of Light Training with Divine Feminine Sophia Dragon Tribe, 7 - 1:1 zoom classes (up-to 1 1/2hr), you will be empowered, your energy frequency will be activated higher, you will learn how to work with the 7 Divine Feminine Sophia Dragon Tribe and the their Dragons. This training will teach you how to bring in more self-love, soul empowerment, & it will advance your healing abilities into new levels. Your spiritual consciousness will rise and it will increase the power of your psychic abilities. You will learn advanced ways to heal yourself & others using the healing energies of the the Divine Feminine Sophia Dragon Tribe along with Metatron. These classes will align you with higher vibrational healing gifts for greater life empowerment, enlightenment & you will master advanced heal techniques for yourself & others.

Benefits of taking Dragon Warrior of Light Training:
~ Learn the Archangel Metatron's and the Divine Sophia Dragons and their healing gifts.
~ Learn how to use Archangel Metatron’s Wheel to achieve advanced healing techniques
- Light language will be used to assist you with your connection to the Dragon Tribe.
~ Be activated to use Archangel Metatron's healing gifts, the divine feminine Sophia dragon tribe & learn the power of light language
~ You will learn advanced master healer techniques for working with seven major Dragon healing gifts, 6 Ascended Master's & Archangel Metatron healing gifts.
~ Learn self- love, self empowerment, self healing gifts & how to use them to benefit your life & the lives of others
~ You will gain the healing benefits & knowledge of being activated to the 7th & 8th dimensional healing frequencies of the higher light densities of the Divine Sophia Dragon Tribe and their Dragon's

You will also receive a Dragon Warrior of Light Practitioner Certification, class recordings, real life guidance, expansion tools for everyday life assistance, class materials, learn how to use your healer hands in new ways, & Archangel guidance. You will also receive self-care and self-empowerment tips along with your Dragon Warrior of Light training.



This package includes 7 Dragon Classes. 

Your 1st session will be a free 20 minute mentoring session to secure your spot on our schedule. Everyone that registers will receive a email for scheduling during your time zone, 


Kaylee MorningStarLight is an empowering transformational Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Lotus Reiki™ Grand Master Teacher, Akashic Record Master and Healing Artist helping people around the world to heal and remove whats standing in their way towards true transformation. She is certified, trained and awakened grand master healer in the modalities of the Akashic Records, Lotus Reiki™, Light Language, Divine Sophia Dragon Tribe, and Archangel Healing. Kaylee has years’ experience guiding, advising, mentoring, and teaching people. 

Through her own great healing process and expanded high vibrational degrees and certifications, she will provide you with a unique and empowering sessions, classes, and readings. Her empowered attitude is the key to your successes. 


Everyone that has a session with her will walk away with something they can instantly apply to their lives and see results from. Her sessions and readings will blaze a light of personal spiritual awakening, healing, and blessings of to all those that work with her. Kaylee loves using Reiki, Tarot, Akashic Records, Archangel Healing and Light Language to help you heal, feel empowered and be more inspired throughout your life. Through her video conference sessions and classes, she offers you, and others from around the world. No class or session goes without immense transformation and empowerment. 

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After Purchase you will be contacted via email to schedule your 1st mentoring  session. We offer a flexible schedule for all countries. 
***Series are subject to change and have a 3 day money ba
ck guarantee for paid in full.
*** No returns on pay-as-you-go purchases.

Payment Agreement will be emailed after registration of series.

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These words are infused with heartfelt appreciation for Kaylee! Since taking her warrior of light classes, every area of my life has transformed with ease & joy. Every area, including financial well-being and soul family connection! Strengthening my connection to the archangel kingdom has anchored a foundational frequency of compassion, deep self-love and greater trust in my intuition. With every attunement, I felt layers of clearing, activation and soul remembrance. Each archangel has their own light language and I could really feel it flowing through Kaylee's voice. Kaylee is an excellent instructor. Passionately dedicated, she goes above and beyond. Along with the archangel codes and attunements, she interweaves tarot, light language, Reiki, intuitive guidance and so much more. She brings empowerment and soul-nourishing laughter to every class! Furthermore, she provides a detailed follow-up email after every class with a recording and helpful insights to build empowerment! It has been weeks since I have completed these classes and I am still feeling the transformation unfolding as I continue to work and play in the archangel energies. Words cannot fully encapsulate this beautiful experience, so I recommend that you feel it for yourself by taking her classes! ~ Jonte


"I truly loved the  akashic reading session! Kaylee was very informative and told me about several past life situations effecting me in this lifetime as well situations in this lifetime that I need to clear in order to be aligned with my souls’s divine blueprint. I have an informational packet and some homework to do and am still in the process of that. I can feel myself shifting, clearing, and my vibration rising. Kaylee is amazing, genuine, down to earth, and so powerful!! I highly recommend working with her! This was my 4th session with her, but my first Akashic clearing session. It’s just what I needed to help me on my own journey as a light worker and empath. Thank you, Kaylee!! I’m excited for my next session with you and to find my way as a healer." Ashley

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