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Why Soul healing?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Knowing who you are at soul level is like having a winning lotto ticket to your whole life. Your soul is your true compass and guide in life.

What's there to be afraid of? Your soul is beautiful! The media and more want us to believe that everything we need is outside of us. I'm here to tell you, NOPE! Everything you are looking for is within you! Yes, love, money, good health, and more!

By healing and knowing your soul, you will find all the abundant joys within your life. Than the universe shines a light of material abundance, spiritual abundance, and lots and lots of LOVE (plus, plus, plus)!

Are you asking why or how? Because it is your divine birth right! From personal experience, I have seen 1st hand the abundance of love, money, spiritual expansion and more that comes in when you are aligned to your soul and clear your path. Example, when I 1st started my practice, I was giving free sessions to my 1st EVER clients. Guess what happened? I received donations from those 1st clients even though they new the session was free. And....... I received a surprise $700 plus check in the mail! At every turn of my career as a healer and soul guide it has been abundant. The more I filled my cup, the more the universe filled it too. Your path may not be to be a healer, that's perfect. Every soul is on their own journey and vibrates their own unique frequency. What ever your desire or dream by aligning to your soul "the abundance will flow"! Learn more on our services page.

Stay tuned for more on this topic. I hope this mini blog inspired you to live from within your heart and soul!


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