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Yummy Gluten-Free Changed my life..

How can Gluten-free help you? Do you have joint pain, feel sluggish, muscle pain, or mind fog?

A Gluten-Free diet can help easy your joint pain, aid in digestive health, easy muscle pain and clear you mind. Yep, I am living proof! I used to have major joint pain, muscle pain, brain fog and bad digestive health. Believe me, it took me sometime to get a grip on my mental chatter of "you can't go gluten free".

"Not only do I feel better after going gluten-free but I'm having fun cooking new receipts too!"

How did I have fun going gluten free? I started kitchen dancing and smiling while I was cooking. If I was going to do this it had to be fun. I didn't want to think like my family did. Which was, "Kaylee, everything has to be hard! Life is hard!" Everything was a struggle and so negative. Things were so bad growing up that in my early 20's I hated to cook. If I needed to eat I'd cook my Mom's receipts or buy fast food. My favorite dinner was ice cream because it was easy. I used to think I was a bad cook because I hated it.

Colorful food became my friend!

Slowly I started exploring different foods. I let go of most process foods. I bake my own goodies for which I enjoy. Some days the recipes don't taste so well. Other days I'm shocked at how well my recipes taste. My fridge is now full of fruits and veggies to help me creative tasty fun food, my way! Food that's health! Food that speaks to my body. Later, I will blog about eating with the seasons and in harmony with your body.

I know your thinking..... I can't do this! What will people think?! What will I eat?! My answer, BABY steps! Find what works for you! I started out by trying a gluten and dairy free recipes from an online class on DailyOM. I believe it was called the Goddess within! If you'd like more details, message me and I can send you the link. After trying the meal plans on DailyOM, I moved into creating my own meals. Step by step, I felt better.

To help my healthy eating journey, I also found some guided meditations/hypnosis sessions on self-worth and self-love. I also gave myself Reiki sessions to heal my digestive system, relieve muscle and joint pain. An I took things even deeper, I looked into my soul's Akashic record to see if there were any energies standing in my way of a pain free life. Yes, I found some. Yes, I was able to clear it. All these things were my extra fire power to becoming the healthy genius I am now! I'm happy to report. I'm still gluten-free. I'm pain free too! An I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sometimes we think one thing will be the magic bullet to a life time free of pain and suffering. It can be hard to except that not just one thing can help us. Trust that its okay to do more than one thing to make your life happy. You know why? Because it will help you in more than one area of your life. :)

I hope you enjoyed this blog and it inspires your healthy living journey. If you would like more fire power on your healthy living journey. You can go to my services page and schedule a Soul Realignment session or a Reiki Healing session. If you'd like to learn Reiki, I offer beginning and advanced Reiki sessions.

Have a blessed day!

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