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Divine Feminine
Lotus Reiki

Join the Power of the Divine Feminine

Discover the Empowerment of Lotus Reiki

Client speaks....★★★★★ "Completed my lotus reiki classes with Kaylee and wow, what a gift it is to learn lotus reiki and what a gift it is to learn this from Kaylee. She's incredible and holds so much integrity that assists with stepping ever deeper into unfolding more self empowerment for yourself. It's incredible and such a blessing to receive <3" ~ Sharon White, TX


Lotus Reiki™ is an empowering but gentle new form of reiki. It teaches you the power of healing old prosecution wounding, how to stand in your power as a lightworker, what Lotus Reiki is, how to use it, how to heal yourself, how to heal others, and how to protect your energy in new expanded ways. It also assists you with building more self-love, self-care, self-empowerment, and connect you to your soul .


The process of aligning to Lotus Reiki™ is very gentle compared to other forms of reiki because it embodies the divine feminine qualities. 


Lotus Reiki™ Classes will empower you in new ways and provide gentle healing transformation throughout your life. It can also empower your soul voice (light language, this is optional & is an add-on outside of lotus reiki class), new earth healing, and starseed awakening.


Lotus Reiki™ was developed & trademarked by MorningStarLight based on her 20 years experience with other forms of Reiki. Lotus Reiki™ was created to be a gentle yet powerful and empowering form of Reiki because it provides the student with greater power within their hands, greater energy protection, greater comfort and expanded self-love, plus more. You will receive gentle but powerful attunements and advanced grounding techniques. Plus, empowerment is interweaved into every class to advance you into the new spiritual revolution of self-love, self-healing and self empowerment, plus the power of healing others.


Master Class Series Includes:

* One Free 20 Minute Consultation

* Empowerment of the Divine Feminine

* Receive Lotus Reiki™ Certifications  

* Lotus Reiki™ Booklet for all three levels

* Learn the power of Lotus Reiki

* Awaken to new levels of Reiki Symbols and their power

* Spiritual Guidance from spirit for your real-life situations.

* Lotus Reiki™ Practitioner self-care empowerment, tricks-tips, transformation & suggestions for conducting your own Reiki sessions

* Learn New Ways to protect your energy.

* Learn Lotus Reiki™ Symbols and become a Master Teacher

* Lifetime of Class recordings

Lotus Reiki™ will empower your energy field, strengthen your energy, teach you how to heal yourself and others. In a Master class series, 1:1 over zoom, 7 classes, Lotus Reiki™ will empower your healing hands, spiritual awaken you to new levels, raise your vibration, and teach you the strength of the divine feminine.



Your first class with Kaylee will be a free 20 minute consultation. All class materials will be sent after class booking.

Lotus Reiki™ Training series is the ultimate transformation  for rediscovering your healing gifts, claim more confidence, greater connection to your intuition and live more empowered within your life. It will eliminate your core fears about getting answers from your soul intuition, advance your manifestation skills and enlighten your energy protection skills to extinguish self-doubt.


In this one-on-one training, you will discover the same treasures Kaylee's clients used for greater intuition, energy protection, fearless illumination, empowerment and how they empowered themselves using the Divine Feminine Lotus Reiki™ to help heal themselves and others.


Kaylee MorningStarLight is an empowering transformational Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Lotus Reiki™ Grand Master Teacher, Akashic Record Master and Healing Artist helping people around the world to heal and remove whats standing in their way towards true transformation. She is certified, trained and awakened grand master healer in the modalities of the Akashic Records, Lotus Reiki™, Light Language, Divine Sophia Dragon Tribe, and Archangel Healing. Kaylee has years’ experience guiding, advising, mentoring, and teaching people. 

Through her own great healing process and expanded high vibrational degrees and certifications, she will provide you with a unique and empowering sessions, classes, and readings. Her empowered attitude is the key to your successes. 


Everyone that has a session with her will walk away with something they can instantly apply to their lives and see results from. Her sessions and readings will blaze a light of personal spiritual awakening, healing, and blessings of to all those that work with her. Kaylee loves using Reiki, Tarot, Akashic Records, Archangel Healing and Light Language to help you heal, feel empowered and be more inspired throughout your life. Through her video conference sessions and classes, she offers you, and others from around the world. No class or session goes without immense transformation and empowerment. 

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"I recently had the privilege of embarking on a transformative journey through Lotus Reiki Certification classes with Kaylee. This experience has profoundly impacted my life. I have a level 1 Usui and Holy Fire certification, however the addition of the Lotus Reiki has been an enriching and empowering step towards understanding and harnessing the healing power of Reiki’s life force energy. The Divine Feminine aspect that Lotus Reiki brings to my energy healing path is so powerful yet gentle. I feel more empowered and confident as well as happier! Kaylee’s expertise and passion for Lotus Reiki were evident throughout the courses. She has taken the time to ensure I have the knowledge and skill necessary to be an amazing Lotus Reiki healer. The course materials provided are very informative and she also emailed separate tools I can implement in my business. Lotus Reiki has opened up a world of possibilities, enabling me to share life force energy with others and even send healing energy distantly. If you're seeking a life-changing journey into energy healing, I recommend the Lotus Reiki Certification classes with Kaylee. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these classes will expand your horizons, nurture your soul, and empower you to make a positive impact on the world. ~ Ashley, MO


"Completed my lotus reiki classes with Kaylee and wow, what a gift it is to learn lotus reiki and what a gift it is to learn this from Kaylee. She's incredible and holds so much integrity that assists with stepping ever deeper into unfolding more self empowerment for yourself. It's incredible and such a blessing to receive <3" ~ Sharon White, TX


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