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Soul healing
Energy healing
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"Kaylee is an inspiration in my life! Her services are worth the price! I have experienced a soul realignment, a manifestation blueprint session, a spirit team session and a life situation clearing. Each session with Kaylee has brought enlightened wisdom, greater connection to my spirit team, clarity on my soul calling, heartfelt belly laughs and deep soul healing. I feel more whole within myself, which has led to more financial abundance and reuniting with soul family. I am so honored to continue on my spiritual path with Kaylee. ~ Jonte"

"Kaylee Morning Star is the real deal! If your looking for someone that could help you to achieve real world results in your life then you have found it in Kaylee Morningstar!

I had a Soul Realignment Session with her and it was one of the best sessions I have done in many years. With Kaylee, the results were not only what I intended but beyond that. It filled me with so much joy and boosted my desire to succeed. 


If you are hesitating on booking a session with her, Please Don't! Do not miss out on an opportunity that could be life-changing for you; and this I say from my heart, soul, and spirit. She is the real deal! ~David"

"Absolutely loved working with Kaylee! She is awesome! She is worth the price! I learned a lot about myself, had profound physical healing and awakened my inner soul's voice through a soul realignment session, light language session, and  a reiki session. I learned a lot about myself to move forward with a happier life! ~ Brenda"

"Kaylee at MorningStar Healing is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate healer & Reiki Practitioner. I feel that when you are in the same space as her, you can immediately connect with her positive and grounding energy. 

After my session, Kaylee offered me several resources to aid my digestive system, hips, and spine. I look forward to my next Reiki session with Kaylee and highly recommend anyone considering exploring Reiki to book a session or learn Reiki from Kaylee MorningStar Healing! ~ Rosemarie"

"Kaylee’s energy in class is contagious and her excitement for her students progression is very uplifting. You can tell she truly enjoys this work. On days where I may be doubting my Reiki gifts or confused about a class practice experience she is right there to help support me through it. I like that she gives additional practitioner self-care alternatives along with learning Reiki. She also adds in bonus Light Language and tarot cards to help support you along your Reiki journey. 


Additionally, She gives you the freedom to do what feels natural, to listen to your intuition. I always look forward to class with her and plan to take more of her classes.


Thank you Kaylee, us meeting wasn’t a coincidence and I’m so grateful we met. ~ Atiana"

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