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In this Financial Spirit Animal Reading, you will discover your financial spirit animal, get a message from your financial spirit animal and more. You will learn how to tap into its power and gifts. You will receive an audio recording of the details of "who" your financial spirit animal is, how it assists you, and how to utilize its power to assist yourself on your path. Bonus, not only will you get a message from them but you will also get to hear their message for you through their powerful light language frequency. This will help deepen your connection with them which will help you tremendously on your spiritual journey. 


Recap about your reading:
- You will learn who your financial spirit animal is.
- You will learn your spirit animal’s gifts and how it helps you.
- How to tap into your spirit animals’ power and gifts.
- Their messages for you in English and light language. 
- You will receive an MP4 audio recording (up to 30 minutes) of your spirit animal information containing all the details above. 


After purchase, you will be contacted by within 24/48hrs to let you know when you will be receiving your reading (audio file with detailed info.). This Reading is an audio file recording only of your financial spirit animal that is sent to you via email within 72hrs (time may vary) after initial contact from Kaylee MorningStarLight. Readings are done on a first come, first serve basis & may be up-to 72hrs from the original purchase date. Kaylee MorningStarLight healing usually conducts her work between the hours of 10am-4pm, PST, Tuesday-Friday. 


What is light language: Light language is the language of the soul and is understood by the body, heart and soul on a multidimensional level.  It also be used to channel messages from Divine realms (Archangels/Ascended Masters). Light Language is a high Vibrational frequency energy healing that will connect you deeper to your soul, Divine realms and other forms of healing. Light language bypasses the logical mind and is understood by the soul and felt in heart center. Light language is the frequency of love and is expressed in a loving and gentle manner. Light language transmissions hold keys and codes to help the listener or speaker unlock their full potential so they can step full into their highest and greatest potential. 


Note about Light language: Light Language healing is a safe and natural way to expand your consciousness, build self-love, soul empowerment, positive vibration and more. How you use it and its effectiveness is souly unto you.


***Disclaimer: The outcome of this reading is different for everyone. It’s up to you do take actions to create what you desire in your life. This reading does not guarantee a financial outcome. 


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Financial Animal Spirit Reading

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