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You will receive a distant lotus reiki and acupressure healing based on your intentions for the session (body wellness, energy clearing, illness healing, chakra alignment etc). In this distance reiki and acupressure healing we will provide you with a acupressure flow using lotus reiki to align your bodies meridians for optiomal health per your wellness needs. These sessions can be very helpful for women's health, hormone balancing, digestive issues, immune system building, recovering from illness, fatigue, organ system health, allergies, anxiety, faster recovery from injury and more.


Please add your session intention for your healing and a requested date and time you in the "notes" at checkout (or email us after purchase at Please reference our hours for distant sessions below and note your requested date and time in the notes at checkout. We will email you to confirm if the date and time. Please allow 72 hours before your session can be received, see details below.


What happens? Per your intentions for the session, you will receive a 1-hour distant reiki and acupressure healing session. To receive it, all you must do is find a comfortable place to lay down and relax. Set the intention to be open to receive the reiki and acupressure healing. You will want to close your eyes, breathe deep and slow breathing to relax yourself into a meditative state (optional but works best for relaxing). It is best to relax in a space where you will not have any interrupts for an hour. Make yourself comfortable by wearing loose clothing, your favorite pillow and blanket. If laying down isn't comfortable for you sitting in a chair will work perfectly too. Have some water close by to drink plenty of water after your distant healing session.


Have you been looking for a different way to heal yourself? Distant Reiki with acupressure sessions is a great way to heal your body, mind, and soul beyond the basic healing modalities. Reiki with acupressure can help you heal in many ways. Reiki is wonderful way to balance your body's energy, chakras, clear your aura, reducing stress, assist with sleep issues, complement medical treatments you may be undergoing, speed your recovery from surgery, balance your mood, assist you with pain relief, and more! With acupressure points along your bodies meridians or using an acupressure point flow it can advance your healing even more. It can be received from a distance which is very effective and powerful. The power of receiving distance reiki with acupressure healing is you can receive it from the comfort of your home.


The download that comes with this purchase contains details about your distant healing session and instructions on how to receive your distant healing session. Our working hours are 8am- 7pm Tuesday-Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday and some Saturdays) for Distance Reiki healing sessions only (hours are different for other sessions and classes). Please note your time zone in the notes at booking with your session intention and date/time request. If you have questions email us at Please note, if you make a same day healing request, we may not be able to accommodate it. These sessions require at least a 3 day in advance notification if on weekends and at least 2 day notice Monday-Friday. Same day urgent healings should be emailed to us. All sessions are done on a first come first service bases. You can also book this session directly on our calendar on our website (it is up to date) under our services page. There are a few options; over zoom distantly or distantly with a recording sent to you same as this.

Distant Lotus Reiki with Acupressure Healing

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