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This Dragon Warrior of Light "I AM" Digital Notebook is filled with beautiful inspirational images, "I AM" Manta building, mindset retraining and empowering suggestions. It is a beautiful and easy to use daily journal filled with empowering and inspiring ways to bring higher awareness to how you can build greater self-love, courage and empowerment within your life while staying grateful! This daily/monthly journal gives you the ability to not only write ways you see where you need more "I AM" self love and empowerment but it can empower you towards ab deeper mindset change. This empowering "I AM" digital notebook allows you to fill in your own "I AM" statements, write your thoughts, and discover areas of your day that you can seed more "I AM" empowerment. The dragon design will inspire you to be your best blossoming self everyday for the dragon is a symbol of finding your unique inner magic. It will teach you how to seed more self love using your uniqueness, your body, mind, and soul as a stepping stone to creating a better you. This digital "I AM" notebook is a great gift to empower yourself and others to live your best life, EVERYDAY! :) 


- Blank fill in spaces for your "I AM" inner work
- Mind instigating spaces to create your own favorite "I AM" for greater empowerment.
- Inspirational sections from the Divine Sophia Dragon Tribe
- Self empowerment sections to help you on your journey towards more self love and empowerment.
- "Do it" yourself inspirational writing page for journaling your deepest daily "I AM" and self love thoughts.
- Steps for setting daily "I AM" intentions.
- 33 page printable PDF for (reusable) 

- Your “I AM” digital notebook will assist you with deeper empowerment, self love, courage and retaining your mind for greater enlightenment

Dragon Warrior of Light "I AM" Digital Notebook

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