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This is the Level Three Master Teacher Lotus Reiki Student book as a PDF downloand. This Lotus Reiki Level Three Master Teacher Student Guide book is for students registered with a Lotus Reiki Master Teacher or with Kaylee Lotus Reiki Grand Master that wish to become a Lotus Reiki Master Teacher


This Lotus Reiki level three book will teach the student:

~ more Lotus Reiki symbols 

~ how to be a Lotus Reiki Master Teacher

~ advanced Lotus Reiki Symols for protecting energy, soul transition, calming a persons energy

~ how to give Lotus Reiki Attunements (you must already be attuned to Lotus Reiki other forms of Reiki attunements will not work for Lotus Reiki. The Student or Master Teacher must have received several Lotus Reiki Attunements from a Lotus Reiki Master Teacher.)

~ how to use Lotus Reiki for advanced healing 

~ deeper empowerment using Lotus Reiki

~ how to protect your energy using Lotus Reiki symbols


Lotus Reiki is the practice of Reiki through the divine feminine. Lotus Reiki was developed & trademarked by MorningStarLight based on her 20 years experience with other forms of Reiki. Lotus Reiki was created to be a gentle yet powerful and empowering form of Reiki because it provides the student with greater power within their hands, greater energy protection, greater comfort and expanded self-love, plus more. You will receive empowerment interweaved into every class to advance you into the new spiritual revolution of self-love, self-healing and self empowerment, plus the power of healing others.


*** Lotus Reiki Master Teachers may teach this practice slightly different from the creator of Lotus Reiki. The attunements will always stay the same and 7 attunements are required for all three Lotus Reiki Levels. Contact your Lotus Reiki Master Teacher for questions about your classes.


** Lotus Reiki Teachers please contact MorningStarLight for group discounts off on books.

Lotus Reiki Level Three Master Teacher Student Book

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