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This is the Level Two Lotus Reiki Student book as a PDF downloand. This Lotus Reiki Level Two Student Guide book is for students registered with a Lotus Reiki Master Teacher or with Kaylee Lotus Reiki Grand Master.


This Lotus Reiki level two book will teach the student:

~ what Lotus Reiki symbols are

~ the history of Lotus Reiki symbols

~ how to send Lotus Reiki distantly

~ how to use Lotus Reiki symbols to boost healing

~ how to use Lotus Reiki symbols

~ deeper empowerment using Lotus Reiki symbols

~ how to protect your energy using Lotus Reiki symbols


Lotus Reiki is the practice of Reiki through the divine feminine. Lotus Reiki was developed & trademarked by MorningStarLight based on her 20 years experience with other forms of Reiki. Lotus Reiki was created to be a gentle yet powerful and empowering form of Reiki because it provides the student with greater power within their hands, greater energy protection, greater comfort and expanded self-love, plus more. You will receive empowerment interweaved into every class to advance you into the new spiritual revolution of self-love, self-healing and self empowerment, plus the power of healing others.


*** Lotus Reiki Master Teachers may teach this practice slightly different from the creator of Lotus Reiki. The attunements will always stay the same and 7 attunements are required for all three Lotus Reiki Levels. Contact your Lotus Reiki Master Teacher for questions about your classes. 


** Lotus Reiki Teachers please contact MorningStarLight for group discounts off on books.

Lotus Reiki Level Two Student Book

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