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In this Property Akashic Clearing, you will an akashic record property clearing. In this clearing, you will receive the details of the energies we discovered in your home and we will conduct a property clearing for you within the akashic record of the property. This clearing works for rentals (apartments etc.), houses, and business. You can also use it for land purchases. The gift of doing a property clearing is that it will update the engeries within it to clear out any old energies of per owners & owners. It also helps update the energies of the earth. The earth has been here alot longer than we have and has seen alot more than we have. Sometimes it is necessary to clear any earthbound souls, gateways and portals they maybe with the property. 


Your reading will include:

- uptp a 30 minute Property Akashic Clearing via an MP3/MP4 audio file sent via email.

- Property akashic clearing with reiki clearing and archangel protection frequencies


What are the Akashic Records? You can think of the Akashic Records as the internet that holds all the knowledge of all souls on the planet, plus all universal karma and including properties.


Your digital download includes details about your purchase and delivery of your reading. 


After purchase, you will be contacted by within 24/48hrs to let you know when you will be receiving your property clearing (audio file with detailed .). This Akashic clearing is an audio file recording only that is sent to you via email within 72hrs (time may vary) after initial contact from Kaylee MorningStarLight. Readings are done on a first come, first serve basis & may be upto 72hrs from the original purchase date. Kaylee MorningStarLight healing usually conducts her work between the hours of 10am-4pm, HST, Tuesday-Friday. 


*** Disclaimer: Mentoring, Tarot, Light language, Reiki, Energy Frequency art & Akashic Readings, are for you to learn about your soul knowledge, your soul energy, receive energy healing, messages from spirit, high vibe frequencies and to empower yourself. The outcome of your life and manifesting is your choice for your life is yours to create. These sessions only teach you “how”. It’s up to you to take actions to create what you desire. Readings you receive may vary income for everyone is different. With the purchase of this energy healing, you acknowledge and agree that session results vary from person to person and as such, we are free from liability. You acknowledge and agree that this reading  is not a substitute for medical care.

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Property Akashic Records Clearing

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